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The right mulch or decorative stone will make any flower bed pop. Discover the benefits of mulch and decorative stone installation below!

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Benefits of Mulch

Mulch will make your flower beds look fresh and attractive. However, there are a variety of additional benefits to installing mulch:

Moisture Retention: Mulch helps to keep moisture in the soil, improving the health and longevity of plants.

Erosion Control: Mulch is perfect for those high traffic areas on any property. It can create a walkable pathway that does not become muddy. 

Natural Fertilization: The organic material in the mulch is recycled by the plants that it surrounds. 

Insect Repellant: Certain types of mulch, such as cedar, repel ticks and gnats. 

Insulation: Mulch can act as an insulator for plants during the cold winter months (particularly the younger plants).

Benefits of Decorative Stone

Decorative stone lasts much longer than mulch. Mulch deteriorates after 2 or 3 years while stone lasts for centuries. Stone may not have the same number of benefits as mulch. However, if weed control is your #1 concern, stone is the choice for you.

Weed Control: The installation of decorative stone on top of weed fabric is the most effective way to prevent weeds from growing in a flower bed.

We never recommend installing weed fabric beneath mulch. The mulch will deteriorate, creating a layer of weed-ridden soil on top of the weed guard. 

Decorative stone on top of weed fabric will create a weed barrier that will likely last for over a decade. 

Durability: Decorative stone will last a lifetime! Save money by avoiding the replacement of mulch every few years. 

Moisture Retention: Stone assists in keeping water in the soil beneath it. While stone is slightly less effective at moisture retention than mulch, it can still serve as a moisture retention system.

DIY Mulch Installation

Installing mulch on your own can end up being more expensive and time-consuming than having a professional install it. The process of going to the store, purchasing bags of mulch, and bringing them home to spread by hand is much less efficient than having a professional installation. 

However, there are some instances where installing your own mulch is worth it. If you are only installing mulch in an area that is less than 150 square. feet, it may make sense to load up the trunk with 10 to 15 bags of mulch and spread it by hand.  DIY mulch installation becomes a problem when you need to take more than one trip to the store to pick up the mulch.

Our team of experienced landscapers will gladly install any amount of mulch, no matter how big or small. The resulting work will be stunning. 

Professional Mulch Selection and Installation

Come home to a beautiful, colorful landscape. We offer free estimates. Our consultant can determine which mulch matches the aesthetics of your house and landscape.  

Do you already have an idea of what kind of mulch you would like? Great! Just let us know which mulch you would like to have installed and we will develop a custom quote for you. 

How to Request a Quote

Stage 1: Call for a Free Estimate:

Your consultation is free! A member of our team will ask you a set of questions regarding your needs. 

Stage 2: Choose Your Mulch:

You may select your favorite mulch or stone from the list at the bottom of this page. Are you unsure of what mulch you prefer? That's okay! An expert can help you choose the best option for your needs and property.

Stage 3: Our Team Develops a Plan that is Right for You:

Often times, we are able to provide a quote directly over the phone. You can ask any questions regarding the service and make adjustments as needed.

Stage 4: Approval and Implementation the Plan

Upon your approval, we will enter the job into our calendar on a date that we will begin the job. 

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