Lawn REpair


Turn your patchy lawn into a thick blanket of grass. 


There are a few different ways to repair a lawn.

Seed can be inserted into the lawn via an over-seeding machine that injects the seed into the lawn. This is a great way to generate a thicker turf across the whole area of the lawn. 

If the grass has been struggling for a few years, the soil may lack nutrients. A soil test may be required to determine the fertility and acidity of the soil. In some cases, the lawn just needs fertilizer. More information on fertilization service can be found here

Often times, the most effective solution is to bring in soil, seed, and straw to address the problem. Any dead grass is removed and the soil in the problem area is tilled up. Fertile soil is laid on the ground and seed is mixed into the soil. Straw or small moisture-retaining pellets are placed on top of the seed, allowing it to sprout into a healthy lawn. 

Watering Schedule

Once the lawn has been re-seeded, a strict watering schedule must be in place. We recommend installing a hose-connected sprinkler timer to make sure it is watered on a consistent schedule. Newly seeded lawns , or portions of lawns, should be watered under the following parameters:

  • 2 times per day (during the late morning and late afternoon)
  • in 10-15 minute bursts

Make sure all newly seeded areas are watered under these conditions.