Spring & Fall Cleanup


Cleaning up in the Fall before the snow comes is a big challenge! Even if you clean them up on time, you're left with a messy yard in the Spring. You want your home, condos, or commercial building to be welcoming year-round. 

There's don't need to spend hours, days, or multiple weekends cleaning up your property!  

We can help. 

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Spring Cleanup Checklist

The snow is gone! What it left behind isn't pretty. Sticks, leaves, and old perennials are all left behind. It can be time consuming to cleanup your property in the Spring, especially if you have a larger property. With efficient tools and plenty of experience, our team can promptly clean your yard.

Spring Cleanup Checklist:

  • Remove debris
  • Collect leaves and thatch
  • Trim old perennial stalks and leaves
  • Remove weeds

Fall Cleanup Checklist

Winter is coming! Your yard is full of leaves. Leaves can suffocate your lawn if they are not removed in time. Plus, they can be much more difficult to remove in the Spring. The maintenance required in the Fall extends beyond the removal of leaves. There are a few more items that ought to be completed before the first snowfall. 

Fall Cleanup Checklist:

  • Removing leaves from the lawn and flower beds
  • Trimming old stalks and leaves on perennials 
  • Trimming shrubs