Fertilization and Weed Control


Soak up the sun in a bed of thick, green grass this summer. A healthy green lawn will improve the appeal of your entire house. Enjoy a thick lawn that is safe for your pets and children to enjoy.

Lawn Treatment Plans that Will Transform Your Lawn into Paradise

High-Grade Products

Herbicides: Many companies will use low grade herbicides, such as "Triplet" in order to reduce cost. A low-grade product decreases the price of weed control for the consumer, however, it does not target 2 pervasive weeds: creeping charlie and clover. 

We use a product by the name brand of "Foundation" which targets over 250 kinds of weeds. Most importantly, it eliminates creeping charlie and clover. We add a surfactant to each mixture, which helps the product stick to the leaves of the weeds. 

Fertilizer: We use a fertilizer that has the optimal blend of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, and Iron. Have you recently installed a new lawn? We have a fertilizer plan that is suited for new lawn growth. 

Thorough Fertilization and Weed Control Plans

We offer a thorough 5-stage fertilization and weed control package.

Stage 1 (Early Spring): Crab grass prevention and fertilization mixture

Stage 2 (Early Summer): Herbicide Application

Stage 3 (Mid Summer): Fertilizer Application

Stage 4 (Late Summer): Herbicide Application

Stage 5 (Late Fall): Winterizer Fertilizer Application

Custom Lawn Treatments for Stubborn Lawns

Has your lawn been struggling for the past few years? We offer thorough soil testing and build a custom plan around your lawn's nutritional needs.